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Front Paged!

2016-11-09 16:00:30 by Migashi

Waterside Village Frontpaged... holy shit!

I love you guys, thank you all!


Waterside Village - 2016

Waterside Village Album Art


2016-11-07 14:56:43 by Migashi

The time has come to release "Waterside Village." I've been working on it for about two months now, and I hope y'all enjoy it. As always, thanks for listening!



2016-10-05 04:20:09 by Migashi

Oh Hello,

It's been a minute since I've updated the page... I've been active off and on and have just been fairly busy. But I've been creating those sweet jams again and have an awesome new piece in the works. I've gotten a new audio interface so vocals are coming into the mix.

The piece will be "Here We Go Again." Progress on "Intangible" has kinda stalled for now, so I'm just going to put it on hold for the time being. It has been a while since I've uploaded a new piece, so this will be a full length song.


Stay tuned, and thank you guys for hopefully enjoying my media!


Not Ideal, but...

2016-05-15 23:33:11 by Migashi

Hey All,

I just wanted to shitpost on my profile some. We got the violin part written and will hopefully get it recorded tomorrow.  Also to do tomorrow; renew stickers on car, oil change, have recall notice fixed on car, pack car, and begin the 800-some-odd mile drive to New Orleans. There are just too many hours in the day!

There's still a lot to be done to Intangible. Even the title is still a working title; and I've got a few sections which I think I'll need to entirely re-record. It's getting there though, and sounding great! Once I have a rough mix arranged, I'll upload it to the project. From this point on, I'm going to allow Supporters to preview my works, at their sole discretion, prior to publication. I encourage others to do the same so that we may hopefully entice more users to Support this community, and help secure it's future.

Although this is not an ideal recording environment acousticly; at least it's a big room... and there are enough tapestries up on the wall to help reduce some of the energy in here.

Here; trip on this! This image is brought to you by:

Making drugs better since at least 1938!


It's Pico Day!

2016-05-07 13:39:28 by Migashi

Hey NG,

Happy Pico Day... that day where we simply get little to no work done!

I made a simple loop to commemorate the day... Stress: The Elephant in the Room

I ate a Tankmelon seed a few weeks ago... it appears to have grown nicely.


To Everybody Lending a Hand or Tuning in...

2016-05-04 20:28:02 by Migashi

I want to go ahead and thank everybody who's sent in some clips so far, and also those who showed an interest. Everything is coming along nicely now that I've gotten past the original idealization. 

I am still looking for more recordings so I can achieve the diversity in sound I'm looking for, so if you're interested... please, contact me or post what you've got here!

Thanks Everyone for the clips and support!

@TheDukeofJuke @Rahmemhotep


This song is going to be a little different from Just in Time, owing primarily to the fact that I've gotten a new MIDI controller and phantom power supply for my mic, so hopefully this shift in production style will make things a little easier for me. Although I've been playing the guitar for a while; I feel much more at home writing melodies on keys. I think it's being able to really visualize my scale that does it.

At the same time as I'm doing this, I'm also in the process of moving to New Orleans so; there's a lot going on.


Stay tuned for more news!


Best of the Month Panel

2016-05-01 18:24:37 by Migashi

Hey Newgrounds,

I got the opportunity to participate in the voting panel to select the Best of April...

This is pretty cool, I never got to do anything like this here before :)



Just a Little Update...

2016-04-29 15:41:39 by Migashi

Hey Newgrounds;

Some of you who troll the audio forum may know that I've got some ideas for the next single I'm going to produce. What's more, as of writing this update; I've more or less written the melody for the chorus verse, and determined what it's chord progression will be. It'll use the I,V,III, & IV triads in the key of Cmaj, in that progression.

I still need to determine how I want to structure the song, and I've only got vague ideas for it's lyrical content, I've yet to write a guitar part... and I'm not sure yet how I'll mix it or how I want the final rendition to sound; but it's a start!

Stay tuned for more news!




Well it's about time!

2016-04-23 06:04:07 by Migashi

Hey Newgrounds,


And Holy fuck am I tripping right now!



In Time

2016-04-21 10:10:52 by Migashi

Hey Newgrounds;

The release of "In Time" is going to be sometime towards the end of this week. I know I said last week that it would release last saturday, but my violinist hasn't been able to come around to record her sample; she just made it for part of the video shoot. The song is, however, otherwise done; and I just purchased a new Samson condenser mic which will sound great; I had been kind of concerned over the quality of the recorded violin since I can't just record straight from the guitar amp there.

As far as the video, we gave it to one of the A/V instructors at one of our local colleges to get some input; and what we were told was very, VERY promising. Although they pointed out a couple of small things that need to be changed, they ultimately told us that we absolutely NEED to submit it to a film festival. 

Anyhow; the violin will be recorded today, and we'll get some additional footage for the video, probably on saturday.


I actually got a really, really good deal on the mic. It's a Samson CO-1 studio condenser mic with a uni-directional cardioid pick-up pattern. The mic itself, I picked up from a pawnshop brand new for only $40. Of course, I needed to get a mic boom, shock mount, pop screen, and phantom power supply... so after accessories, the entire setup cost about $215. Well spent son, well spent. They also had a USB single octave MIDI controller for $20 that I'm thinking about picking up...